Chompston screenshot


A game mixing elements of Pac-Man and Bomberman. Collect dots to score points. Drop bombs to defeat enemies.

I made this to experiment with procedural level generation and musical gameplay, where all the sound effects are played in time and in key with the background soundtrack.

I used BASS to handle audio playback which simplified things a lot, but to ensure sounds are played in perfect sync I ended up having to write my own mixing routine to combine the music stream with the effects. However because of this I was able to add a simple stereo ping-pong echo which thickens the sound up quite nicely.


Chompston Ghost Ghost : Can pass through bombs.

Chompston Red Red : Shoots fireballs.

Chompston Green Green : Moves quickly

46 thoughts on “Chompston

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  3. cyborgjeff

    Excellent ! I realy love your concept :)
    And i’m a Chiptune musican from SoundTracker format, so with my bros we still have imagine some kind of concept… but your result is realy, realy kwel ! Well Done !

    1. Chris B Post author

      heh – I was wondering whether it would be worth bugging him to check out my game… then I was all like O.O when the Chompston start up sound accompanied the Nerd³ logo on his latest upload :)

    2. Roshadi

      Yes, Teli -thanks! I changed some coinfgs on the Admin Panel, mainly to allow comments w/o registration or admin notification. Now I can do what I’m doing here. And, to understand how WP uses Trackbacks, it seems to be integrated with Comments by default:Site A wants to reference Grubgirl’s post B, and so Site A gets the Permalink URI from post B, and puts it in Site A’s trackback to this URI field in its Comments form.Grubgirl’s post B wants to reference Site A’s post A, then Grubgirl goes to post A, gets Site A’s Trackback URI, adds it to Post B’s Advanced section of its Edit mode.I think I’ve finally got it. What was confusing was that I did not see separate links for permalink, Add a comment, and trackback URI like I had seen in other vendors’ sites. Right?? Playing around with it also helps with understanding it.Now I hope I can keep out all that comment & trackback spam. UGH.

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    1. Chris B Post author

      You can configure the controls by editing the settings.ini file. For example if you want to use W,A,S,D and SPACE, then add the following lines to over-ride the default controls:

      KeyLeft = 30
      KeyRight = 32
      KeyUp = 17
      KeyDown = 31
      Key1 = 57

      The keyboard codes are all listed in the the readme file. Sorry, it’s not a very user-friendly method!

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  13. kerl

    this is great fun! please keep developing the game with more enemies, weapons, collaborative mode, multiplayer…

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    1. Giulia

      Hi Damon,Thanks for stopping by and for the cptmlimenos. I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful, now let’s see about answering your questions. do I use the trackback URL in my post or just in the “send trackback notification” field ?You use the trackback URL in the Send trackback notification field. While putting it within the post content will still work if you have Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article (slows down posting.) activated, it’s not a wise idea.Some blogs don’t use a trackback URL that redirects to the post when accessed directly in a browser like WordPress does and when your reader clicks on the link in your entry, she may be greeted by an unpleasant error.To see what I mean, click on . I would trackback to his blog if I put the link in my content, but my readers would end up unhappy.Summing up: Permalink in the content. Trackback URL in the notification field. if I put it in the post, do I still need it in the notification field ?Not really, no.Safe bet is always trackback then?Yes, but WP blogs are pretty easy to spot when you’re linking to them. I’d mainly worry about those blogs that aren’t WP powered when deciding to use a manual trackback link.Hope that makes sense and clears everything up. If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.~ Teli

  16. Peter Eismann


    I think it is closed source.
    The reason is: I started a port to some more platforms (Desktop/Smartphones) e.g.: iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, Linux, MacOS, …)

    Chris B is informed too.

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  18. vurvur

    The display is very jerky when in fullscreen on Win 8.1. It is perfectly smooth in windowed mode though.
    Any ideas why / how to fix it?
    I have the latest drivers for my laptop.

    1. Chris B Post author

      Hm.. I thought I’d fixed that, but maybe I hadn’t uploaded the updated version. Try downloading now and see if the problem is cured.

      1. vurvur

        The new version entirely fixes the issue, thanks so much!
        In the meantime I came across another PB project that appears to suffer from the exact same issue.
        Care to share how you fixed it? Is it a one-line fix?

        1. Chris B Post author

          Here’s the PB code for the fix:

          ddraw = 0
          proc = 0
          ddraw = LoadLibrary_("ddraw.dll")
          If ddraw
              proc = GetProcAddress_ (ddraw, "SetAppCompatData")
              If proc
                  CallFunctionFast(proc, 12, 0)

          Credit goes to MixailV ( for this fix.

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