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A game mixing elements of Pac-Man and Bomberman. Collect dots to score points. Drop bombs to defeat enemies.

I made this to experiment with procedural level generation and musical gameplay, where all the sound effects are played in time and in key with the background soundtrack.

I used BASS to handle audio playback which simplified things a lot, but to ensure sounds are played in perfect sync I ended up having to write my own mixing routine to combine the music stream with the effects. However because of this I was able to add a simple stereo ping-pong echo which thickens the sound up quite nicely.


Chompston Ghost Ghost : Can pass through bombs.

Chompston Red Red : Shoots fireballs.

Chompston Green Green : Moves quickly

46 thoughts on “Chompston

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  3. cyborgjeff

    Excellent ! I realy love your concept :)
    And i’m a Chiptune musican from SoundTracker format, so with my bros we still have imagine some kind of concept… but your result is realy, realy kwel ! Well Done !

    1. Chris B Post author

      heh – I was wondering whether it would be worth bugging him to check out my game… then I was all like O.O when the Chompston start up sound accompanied the Nerd³ logo on his latest upload :)

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    1. Chris B Post author

      You can configure the controls by editing the settings.ini file. For example if you want to use W,A,S,D and SPACE, then add the following lines to over-ride the default controls:

      KeyLeft = 30
      KeyRight = 32
      KeyUp = 17
      KeyDown = 31
      Key1 = 57

      The keyboard codes are all listed in the the readme file. Sorry, it’s not a very user-friendly method!

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  13. kerl

    this is great fun! please keep developing the game with more enemies, weapons, collaborative mode, multiplayer…

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  16. Peter Eismann


    I think it is closed source.
    The reason is: I started a port to some more platforms (Desktop/Smartphones) e.g.: iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, Linux, MacOS, …)

    Chris B is informed too.

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  18. vurvur

    The display is very jerky when in fullscreen on Win 8.1. It is perfectly smooth in windowed mode though.
    Any ideas why / how to fix it?
    I have the latest drivers for my laptop.

    1. Chris B Post author

      Hm.. I thought I’d fixed that, but maybe I hadn’t uploaded the updated version. Try downloading now and see if the problem is cured.

      1. vurvur

        The new version entirely fixes the issue, thanks so much!
        In the meantime I came across another PB project that appears to suffer from the exact same issue.
        Care to share how you fixed it? Is it a one-line fix?

        1. Chris B Post author

          Here’s the PB code for the fix:

          ddraw = 0
          proc = 0
          ddraw = LoadLibrary_("ddraw.dll")
          If ddraw
              proc = GetProcAddress_ (ddraw, "SetAppCompatData")
              If proc
                  CallFunctionFast(proc, 12, 0)

          Credit goes to MixailV ( for this fix.

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