VST Plugins

A selection of VST synths for Windows-based hosts.

additive synthesis
analog emulation
16 oscillators per voice
Jen SX-1000 emulation
filtered noise
dynamic waveshaping
Snorgan VSTi plug-in
wavetable oddity
basic synth
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20 thoughts on “VST Plugins

  1. thomas

    hi just wanted to thank you for your brilliant synths, I still use leto, cadencia and foxglove all the time ! didn’t know about the others, will check them out.

    thanx !


    1. Chris B Post author

      Thanks, it’s nice to know they’re still being used. Can you believe the synths you mentioned are now almost eight years old!

      1. thomas derdeyn

        Hey man, what do you mean ? these are CLASSICS, i will use them until they or i fall apart :-) :-) thanx Chris


  2. Cristiano

    This evening i had a very good surprise to see your site!
    I love very much your synth because i consider you a great developer:)
    I need to write you some considerations but i can’t find your email.
    I try feedback @ contralogic.com but give problem.
    Can you write me your email please? thanks
    Cris :)

  3. Mac of BIOnighT

    I didn’t know you developed these synths – Cadencia and Snorgan are two of my favorite instruments EVER! I’ve also used Leto, Foxglove and Whistler a lot! And I never realized they were all by the same person – amazing!
    I’ve downloaded them again and placed them in the same folder to make it easier to reach for them when needed :)

    Thanks for these beauties!!!

  4. PEIO

    Hola muy buenas bueno estoy impresionado con sus equipos les comento que estaria bien sacar mas series de sintetizadores y loop de dj con los plugins necesarios para hacer dmos att un saludo Peio

  5. Jeremy Gobardhan

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    Drawing on research work in the fields of parallel programming models and computer architecture done in close collaboration with Paris-Sud University, MetaScale has built innovative technology to dramatically accelerate computing-intensive applications, and works with its customers to:
    • Design and size the best architecture to run a given application,
    • Perform performance analysis of software to identify the potential for acceleration,
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    If you’re interested in our proposal and you would like to discuss on a potential collaboration, I’d be happy to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience.

    Best regards,

  6. james

    Hi there
    I have just come across your step sequencer RPS-1 and i love it.
    But two things :
    Is it possible to split the instruments (kick, snare etc.) into seperate channels on the mixer, as the d16 drum machine vsts do (eg – drumazon)
    And also I get a pop sound like sample everytime i start the sequence wether it be in midi mode or transport. please can you help?
    thanks and please start making vsts again ;)

    1. Chris B Post author

      In the .zip download there’s rps-1m.dll which is a multi-output version.

      Not sure about the popping sound you’re getting – does it happen all the time or just certain presets?

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