Pterosaur is a 16 oscillator synth. It’s loosely inspired by the classic Supersaw sound of the Roland JP-8000 in that the output of each oscillator can be independently detuned and panned, creating a very rich sound.

The basic waveform produced by the oscillators is a sawtooth wave which can be morphed into a sort of saw/pulse hybrid with the mod control.

Update June 2012

Polyphonic mode added, more LFO shapes and 3 additional oscillator waveforms are available (sine, triangle and square), all of which can be morphed in the same way as the sawtooth wave in the original version.

Version 1

If you need the original monophonic version for Pterosaur to use with old projects or patches it’s available here.

29 thoughts on “Pterosaur

  1. Lukas

    This synth sounds very good. If it was poly i would said that this is my one of the favourites. I hope that one day You will make it poly! Thanks Guys for Your’s effort with this synth it is really nice.

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  5. Helge Ohlenbostel

    The ‘ 7 Colours ‘ Soundset by CHE for the Contralogic – Pterosaur VSTi

    Here is the Free ‘ 7 Colours ‘ Soundset by CHE for the
    Contralogic Pterosaur Freeware – Virtual Synthesizer.

    • Inside the Download : 3 Soundbanks = 93 Presets
    • Release Date : 28. February 2012
    • Genre: Trance / Sci-Fi / Lo-Fi
    • Format : Soundbank [*.FXB]
    • Price: Free Download
    • By : CHE 2012

    1. Chris B Post author

      Some nice sounds there! Let me know if you make any presets for version 2. (Sadly soundbanks for the original version aren’t compatible with the update).

    2. The Telenator

      CHE, Helge, or whatever your name is. You need to find some other better DOWNLOAD SITE. The one you are using is complete rubbish, even placed porno on my browser when I went to download the first item. Never got the first or any item. A minute later, it tells me I’ve had all the downloads I can have for “that hour.” What crap. You want people to try your presets, read your big Synth Thesis, then get a REAL download site. Heck, even try DropBox. No one puts up with the setup you are using now. What a waste.

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  8. wulf gant

    I have a problem with your fantastic ‘pterosaur v2’! The sound and the possibilities are amazing.
    But: I tried to load one of the ‘CHE’-soundset-banks in it. And now: Has another ID and I can’t load
    the original preset-bank. What can I do now? Re-Open the original download file has the same
    effect! No sound at all! I read in the pterosaur-folder something like ‘patch memory’. Is this the
    problem? Please give me an advice to solve this! Thanks so much!

    1. Chris B Post author

      The CHE soundsets only work with the old version of Pterosaur linked under the “Version 1” section of the post (

      It should be no problem to have both versions installed at the same time.

  9. wulf gant

    Chris B, thanks for your answer! But my problem is: I have already both versions
    of pterosaur (1 and 2), but after loading one of the CHE-soundbanks in pterosaur v2
    there is no sound at all, when I try to start the synth (the new poly-version) again.
    It’s an overwrite-problem? Therefore I need the pre-installed patch-bank of pterosaur 2.
    But where can I find it? – By the way: Pterosaur 1 (mono) is fully functionable.

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  11. Helge Ohlenbostel

    Hello Contralogic

    The User ” The Telenator ( January 29, 2013) ” writes here Lies – please delete.


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  17. matthew

    I just discovered this amazing gem of a synth — thank you for your hard work!

    Although probably not in the original spirit of the synth, and you’re likely years beyond the idea of updating this again, but here’s a couple thoughts I had:

    – individual amp EGs for each osc group
    – allowing the osc pan to be modulated by LFO (or maybe add a mod envelope?)
    – FM/crossmod between the oscs

    Regardless — great sounds and possibilities!

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