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RPS-1 is a pattern sequencing VSTi plugin designed primarily for the rapid creation of percussion sequences with random variations.

The operation is similar to a standard step sequencer, however in addition to a step being either on or off, a probability can be specified – which governs the chance that the sample will be triggered at that point in time. RPS-1 also outputs MIDI data and can therefore be used to trigger another plugin or sampler etc.

A few example rhythm loops.

25 thoughts on “RPS-1

  1. dood


    Is midi in ever a possibility?

    It would be awesome to use with a launchpad or something similar…

    Great plugin non-the less, much respect…

    All the best!

  2. Inge


    This is perfect for live situations, running behind loops to fill them out and make them more interesting.

    The randomize function is a great tool

    1. Kassi

      I find myself leaving out great stories all the time. First I write the whole shebang. Then I find a hook, stick to it, and bag the rest the way I did In John Smith Escapes Again (note the words &qo;cuestapes again"). Sigh. I love the hooks, but I guess the only hope for all those extras is to write a 400 page book for adults.

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  5. oxo

    great tool, thx!!! but i have a problem: when i press start, i hear a sample on the first step, although no bar is drawn, and even if the active-button is disabled. how can i solve the problem?

    (sorry, i don´t speak english well).

    1. Chris B Post author

      You can toggle the SYNC button at the bottom to change it from “transport” to “MIDI” and then it will only run when there is a note held down – ie. if you put any note in the relevant sequencer track.

  6. oriol

    Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations!
    But is not possible compose using 10, 14 steps (and others.) :-(
    Maybe in a future update … :-)
    Thank you for your creation and share!
    (Excuse my english)

  7. James Pennington

    This looks good, and I’ve heard some good things about it on KVR. Going to give it a try. I mostly use Jamstix, which is nice for the acoustic sounding stuff, (and sometimes for electronic-ish patterns sounds too) but I’ve been doing more electronic sounding stuff lately, and this looks like it could find a home in my arsenal. If it hasn’t been said before, thank you for this. :)

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  9. Asuyuka

    Thanks. This is really good. =) Internal samples are great, and sound great when combined with external ones as well.

    1. Andri

      Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations!But is not piblosse compose using 10, 14 steps (and others.) Maybe in a future update Thank you for your creation and share!(Excuse my english)

  10. nicholas wright

    errrr are you people using the same program easme trying to use this with audio mulch I cannot even find the play button to start a sequence, pfffffft

    1. Chris B Post author

      There’s no play button – it automatically syncs to a host sequencer.

      Alternatively you can toggle the SYNC button from “transport” to “MIDI” and the pattern will run whenever a MIDI note is received.

  11. suleiman

    howdy chris ! wonderful software ! thanks a ton…..
    i pimped it a bit on the reaper forum coz i find it fast, intuitive, stable and low-cpu

    just some questions :

    any chances of there being pattern banks in the future : where you can save mutiple patterns/sequences and trigger between them via midi….for all eight samples OR individually…if there is a workaround possible pls let me know

    any plans of further developement on this aweseom vsti ?

    rock on

    1. Chris B Post author

      Hi, thanks for the mention!

      Triggering different patterns is a really nice idea, however adding different patterns for each of RPS-1’s channels would require re-doing a lot of the internal stuff from scratch – but triggering each of the eight channels with a seperate MIDI note might be a simple feature to add. There’s not really any workaround at the moment – the “Active” buttons for each channel can be automated as a VST parameter, but that’ll just mute/unmute each channel.

      I didn’t really have any plans for developing it further, but I’d like to re-visit the idea of semi-random drum patterns in the future in some form or another.

  12. philippe durocher

    i really love this plugin, but i’m having some problems loading it in ableton live… i get several error messages saying that the different modules cannot be loaded. does anyone had the same problem ?

    1. Chris B Post author

      You probably need to right-click your Ableton Live shortcut and choose properties -> compatibility and check “run as administrator” when you first use the plugin – the plugin has a bunch of bundled modules and when you first use it it’s trying to create a folder “rps-1” and extract the modules into it.

      After you’ve done this once it’ll work fine, so you can set the Live shortcut back to how it was.

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  15. Paul

    be lovely to finally see unlimited steps coming along sometime.
    is there a technical reason why it isn’t done? be nice to know.
    also i agrewe with an above comment suggesting that any amount of steps could be optionalizeed into devices, so 3, 4,5,,6,7,8,9 or so on steps can be used.
    for example i love african polyrythms but many sequencers are rubbish for it as you need each line to be of differring lerngths.

    havign said that, i habe no experiences building these kind of things, so not too aware of what problems stuff like that may be to try out.

    thanks for the sequencer. i look very forward to trying it out after reading the reviews here!

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