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A game for Windows orginally created for the A Game By Its Cover competition hosted on the TIGSource forums – a contest to create a game inspired by fake game art found on the Internet. The competition was inspired by Famicase, an annual art exhibition where artists create game cartridges for imaginary NES games.

Based on an entry from Famicase 2010, Dagion is a fast-paced platformer/shooter with a simple objective: collect 8 fruits located around the map. You only have a single weapon but it can be powered up by collecting rubies dropped by monsters when you shoot them. Also, you can fly for a short period of time by double jumping. The time you can fly increases as you power up. Press fire to shoot in the direction you are moving, hold fire to keep shooting in that direction.

Death Is Not The End

If you have no rubies when you are hit or shot by a monster it’s game over, otherwise you can still steer your head for a while and bounce a little higher by pressing jump when you hit the grouund. Your head can kill monsters and trigger checkpoints. More bounces equals more points.

Gameplay video.

4 thoughts on “Dagion

  1. Jupiter

    Very nice game even if its a bit late for the contest. I like the idea and graphics, if only i could collect more fruit to save the world! Regardless its nice and challenging -> keep them coming

  2. Kenn

    WOW! Amazing! I have been watching your aamnizg looking game Mr. Cleaner slowly take shape each #screenshotsaturday and I have to say it is absolutely incredible. You are a master game dev and I warmly wish you all the success in the world. I hope your game becomes mega-popular: you deserve it! The lighting, shaders, and graphics quality are AAA. Congratulations on reaching Alpha!

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