5 thoughts on “Blarg VSTi Released

  1. Kaneda

    hey there! this VST sounds really good!
    is there any chance you are uploading Flange Mayhem again, please?

    1. Chris B Post author


      As for Flange Mayhem – I’ve not actually installed or used it for a while… I’ll have to have a dig through the archives to find it.

  2. Wilfried BAum

    Hi Chris,

    I just purchased a BLARG license. Sound is good but I missed an option to select velocity (or even aftertouch) as modulation sources. Any chance to add this in a future update?

    Regards, Wilfried

    1. Chris B Post author

      In theory the 3 generic modulator knobs should be freely assignable to all sorts of MIDI stuff – right click on them to get a menu – but in practice it seems to be a bit glitchy and doesn’t work consistently across hosts.. so I might look into fixing or altering that in the future.

      For now if you have an envelope spare you can use that as a source for velocity info by way of it’s [V AMP] control.

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